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  • Project Planning 

  • Project Design

  • Site Investigations 

  • Site Analysis

  • Project Management

  • Contract Supervision

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Project Detailing 

  • Project Specifications

  • Interior Design

  • Landscape Design




Vision statement

Dream Architects will be locally relevant Architectural firm, that will contribute to this country’s built environment, architecture that is functionally efficient, economically sustainable, aesthetically appropriate and meeting the required standards of safety and health.

Our Mission

We intend to carry out the above by pursuing excellence from the inception to implementation stage through our professional interaction with different players in the project team as follows;

1.     The client (Developer)

Our designs will create architecture that is suited to the client’s specific needs functionally, aesthetically and be economically viable, causing them to value and appreciate professional architectural services.

           2.     Other consultants

By bringing together a team of certified, diligent and honest professionals, we will achieve an excellent holistic service for our clients; buildings that are structurally sound, environmentally sensitive, sustainable, and compliant with the required standards for electrical, mechanical and other utility services. 

3.     The contractor

When tasked to assist the client with contractor procurement and project supervision, we will endeavour to choose one who is technically capable of carrying out the works. Our team will supervise him closely to ensure that the finished building meets our set standards in 1 and 2 above, according to the facilitation availed us.


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